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Studio Open House and Garden Sale was lovely

I started this yesterday but didn’t get it posted. My Studio Open House and Garden Sale weekend was lovely. It was great to see so many people and one couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. If you weren’t able to come, give me a call. I can open my studio by appointment, and the hoop houses in the garden are doing very well right now so if the weather allows I’d be glad to show them to you. My contact info is on my studio website:

It has been a long time since I last posted because I thought things would settle down after the Open House, but I have continued to be quite busy. Thanks to those of you who have sent me comments. One friend asked that I write more about my spirituality, which I will be doing in my next posting. Another friend sent me a great blog from which to get ideas and suggested I include photos. I hope to try that out soon, too.

I am going to send another e-mail to let you know I’m posting this, but please sign up as a member (it is on the upper right of the blog) so you’ll get a link to any future postings.

Here is what I wrote yesterday, Saturday, December 3rd:

Great day! My dear husband came running in this morning yelling, “Cranes!” That’s always a good way to start the day. We love seeing the Sandhill cranes on their migration south, which passes right over our farm. This is the latest in the season we have seen them, though, according to my records. It was a small flock so hopefully we will see more in the coming days. We have seen hundreds at a time before, sounding their distinctive call. It will give you goose bumps (or should I say “Sandhill crane bumps”?)

The warm, sunny weather gave me a chance to work in the garden. I harvested and weeded and cleaned up plants under the hoop houses. Three big heads of Chinese cabbage, a gallon bag each of broccoli, mixed lettuces and Vitamin Greens (a leafy version of a bok choi green), found their way to the kitchen as well as a small pot of mixed greens from the plants needing pruning. Not bad for December 3rd. I recently added a layer of plastic to the long hoop house right on top of the row cover to give more protection and I can already see the benefits of larger harvests.

Though the biodynamic signs weren’t the best I couldn’t wait any longer to get more garlic in the ground since there is more rain in the forecast. I got 4 short double rows planted and hope to get the rest in before it rains tomorrow.

Roller Coaster

It has been over a month since my first and only blog entry and I have been on a roller coaster since then. The spiritual retreat I was leaving to attend was one of the most amazing and uplifting weekends I can remember. It had quite an impact on me!

Soon after it became apparent I would need to travel again to my parents home in Iowa, and in a whirlwind trip I flew out, packed up all the belongings my mom and dad wanted us to keep in our Kentucky family homes before they sold the rest, and then drove over 16 hours straight in a rental truck with a 15 foot bed. Whew!

Getting back to some semblance of normal has been my goal since my return. I woke this morning with a new handbag design buzzing around my mind so I’m glad I’ve relaxed enough to get the creative juices flowing again.

I have spent the last several days doing my homework for my next Peer Advisory session with Kathleen O’Brien next week. I’ve done a lot of planning and organization to get my weaving business on the road again with style.

You might be interesting in seeing the work I’ve done on my Lacetree Weaving web site, which you can see at , which, though not complete, has several events you might be interested in attending. I have a piece in a Gathering Artists collaborative exhibit, called the Red Thread Project, at the Community Arts Center in Danville, KY in October through mid November. And you can come see my new studio and our farm during the Lacetree Weaving Studio Open House and Garden Sale on November 5th and 6th. I hope to have several of the new style handbag available by then. Please check out the News and Events page on my web site for more information.

The summer garden is winding down and I’ve cleared some of it for winter. Soon the summer garden will be put to bed with either mulch or cover crops. I will write a blog soon on fall and winter gardening and hoop houses, two subjects dear to my heart. It isn’t too late to look into planting for fall and winter crops.

Until then, love and light, Fox

Thoughts on weaving, gardening and being Fox

In an effort to bring various aspects of my life together in a more integrated fashion, I am beginning this blog today on my dear husband’s birthday.

My weaving studio, Lacetree Weaving, is installed in the new addition to our house and things are moving along nicely. I soon will be finishing up my piece for the Red Thread Project, a Gathering Artists exhibit at the Community Arts Center in Danville in October and November.This blog is part of the homework I’ve been working on from my session with Kathleen O’Brien, a Peer Advisor with the Kentucky Arts Council. She is helping me put a new face on my company and pointing me in a positive and energetic direction.

The garden is producing well and yesterday netted salsa nicely lined up in pint jars, okra flash frozen in bags and marinated roasted Carmen Italian peppers flash frozen in cupcake shapes to grace our winter dishes. Seedlings in the fall and winter garden are doing well, but take daily care. They are covered with row cover cloth to keep the insect and mammal pests out.

I’ll need help from the birthday boy to keep things watered for the next few days as I am attending a spiritual retreat. “Being Fox” or more accurately “being my Self” is my daily goal and this retreat is a break from the day-to-day distractions to help me find out how to better be me.